Providing Skilled Boiler Installations in Chelmsford, Essex

Enjoy the convenience of instant hot water when you take advantage of the boiler installations provided by our heating engineers in Chelmsford, Essex. Simply get in touch, and we'll work to have an efficient combi-boiler installed. Before long, you'll be enjoying hot water with no waiting around!

Boiler Installations

Efficient Installations

Replacing your existing boiler could cut your energy consumption by up to a third. Barry C Wright & Sons Ltd is here to help with replacing your old, ineffective gas boiler with a brand-new condensing boiler. We also provide experienced boiler maintenance services.

Change in Law

In April 2005, building regulations changed. Today, you're required to use a condensing-type boiler with an A- or B-band Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers (SEDBUK) rating. This applies to gas and oil boiler installations except in cases where exceptional circumstances make it impractical to do so.

Boiler Installations

A More Efficient Boiler

Choose a boiler that converts more than 86% of the fuel it uses into usable heat. Condensing boilers do this, while older boilers may only convert as little as 60%. The design of condensing boilers also reduces the amount of heat lost through the flue. Less carbon dioxide is also produced.

Instant Hot Water

Enjoy hot water whenever you want it. Combination condensing boilers provide you with instant hot water without the need for a hot water cylinder found in most traditional boilers. Friendly and professional, one of our engineers will assess your requirements and determine the best kind of boiler for your needs.